review – Can you trust this vendor?

Yes, you can trust them. Arrived very well…. .nice doll, no smell, it is a good quality TPE and the frame looks right. Very cute because the body is made from a real inverted model, the limbs are reasonably thick and proportionate, the fingers are reasonably thick and it doesn’t break easily! The shipping was fast. This doll is really beautiful and I wish I had had it before I got married. It would have saved me a lot of disappointment and money. Haha (just kidding).

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Yes, I received friendly and cordial service. When it arrived, I was very surprised that it was very comfortable and I had not played with it for a long time. I could have done that if I wanted to. It works really well. I really like it. It’s so much better than the inferior products on the market. Same feel, really cool, great interior design, the soft feel of the leather is like touching a girl’s skin, it’s perfect! I love it. This is a boon to us sex doll lovers! It makes me horny! There are a lot of […]