Is recommended?

Yes, 100% recommended. Got this as a gift for my best friend who has been single for about 6 years now with no action. Lets just say he is pretty happy with it right now. We checked it out together simply because I was curious and wow. It is super lifelike feeling and I can see how it could definitely be a good temporary fill in for the real deal. Shockingly realistic. Better than expected and excellent customer service. Glad he is happy with it.

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Yes, it is worth the money for a great sex doll. I received my sex doll. I am very impressed with the design and it is realistic. While my wife is away, I have needs but I don’t want another relationship of any kind. This toy does the job now I can do something and not have bad feelings about it. Trust me, it’s good. It’s very, very good. Her entire body jiggles nicely along with your movement…

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How’s your experience with

Yes, nice to work with. Amazing doll and most lifelike. The doll is of great quality. As this is my first time ordering a doll and I am very happy with the product I have got. I recommend cornstarch baby powder. Just a light dusting. Do some research on proper maintenance and care. Also, while cleaning don’t be surprised if you go for round two, three, four… Seriously, this is like dating a girl with a killer body.