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Yes, this is a happy shopping. At first, I was worried about the legality of this website, but when I received the goods, I was relieved. Very nice contact and very helpful. The doll also has a good quality. Each item is even checked before shipping. My husband likes it very much, he said it feels very realistic. It is bigger than I expected and it comes discreetly packaged. I look forward to the next purchase.

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Yes, I am amazed at this doll. Everything was exactly described. My first toy. Wanted to see if it would be worth buying taller one. The weight is not all that bad, rather adds to the realistic feel. If you are thinking about buying one of these, it is well worth the price. I noticed no smell what so ever. The warmer is a very nice option. I cleaned her prior to our first go. Lasted about 1.5 mins. I am not a quick shooter but… simply an amazing feeling.

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