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Yes, the site is awesome. I have been looking for a realistic sex doll for a long time and finally decided on this one. I must say I am very happy with my new sex doll purchase, the service was very impressive and when my doll arrived I assembled it and I must say it looks very much like the pictures on your website. This is a truly amazing sex doll. So I recommend the way you created her, very good proportions. I thank you for your service.

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Yes, it’s legit and safe. This is the cutest realistic sex doll I have ever come across. I love pushing my cock up her ass, the feeling is amazing. She is a little heavy, but I can handle her easily and she can be placed in all the positions I like. Her mouth is soft and my cock can get in there, which is a plus. She was simply fantastic. Thank you guys so much. I will be back if I need more dolls.

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Yes, the customer service is very helpful. The intimacy is very good. The material is also very good. It is very comfortable to touch. It is very smooth and like the real thing. There is no smell when you use it. There is also a real sex doll that dresses like a hottie. It is very realistic and the price is very satisfying and reasonable. One of the advantages is that you can enjoy the different sensations of the introduction because the introduction has vaginal and anal openings. This is useful because you can enjoy more like a real woman.

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Yes, very enjoyable service. At first, there are doubts, and inevitably, like any Internet transaction, people have to trust people they don’t know, except through the Internet, and almost all of them have been fooled at one time or another, in photos where we see them as so beautiful and perfect that they seem too good to be true. Also, for most of us, it’s a lot of effort. However, I have to say that the care, professionalism and patience this seller showed made all the difference, and my doll looks exactly like the picture! I love her. I love […]

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Yes, a legit and safe site. When I asked about the product, the salesman was very helpful and answered all my questions, which made me feel even more comfortable, and when it arrived, I took it apart and was pretty sure the retailer had not cheated me and the product was perfect! I am very satisfied with it. This is the sex doll I was looking for. The price of the sex doll is not very important to me, as the real dolls here are cheaper than those sold in other sex doll stores.

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Yes, they’re legit. This is so cool and so real. When you look at this realistic sex doll, it is very soft and realistic, well finished, soft material, safe and odorless, and fun to play with! The doll holds up well, even when you do hard pistoning from behind. It’s nice to feel the connection with the woman from the groin when she has reached her thighs. A well-designed structure is something that men feel comfortable with.

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Yes, you can trust them. Arrived very well…. .nice doll, no smell, it is a good quality TPE and the frame looks right. Very cute because the body is made from a real inverted model, the limbs are reasonably thick and proportionate, the fingers are reasonably thick and it doesn’t break easily! The shipping was fast. This doll is really beautiful and I wish I had had it before I got married. It would have saved me a lot of disappointment and money. Haha (just kidding).

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Yes, I received friendly and cordial service. When it arrived, I was very surprised that it was very comfortable and I had not played with it for a long time. I could have done that if I wanted to. It works really well. I really like it. It’s so much better than the inferior products on the market. Same feel, really cool, great interior design, the soft feel of the leather is like touching a girl’s skin, it’s perfect! I love it. This is a boon to us sex doll lovers! It makes me horny! There are a lot of […]

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Yes, props to the store for its customer service and especially its patience. As for me, I have a phobia of choice. To be honest, it’s because I don’t have money. The customer service was patient, gave me advice and helped me to choose the sex doll. After actually trying it out, it’s soft to the touch and flexible. Better than pure silicone, not worse than real people. The appearance is also very good, the best face in this type of sex doll. It meets beauty standards.