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Yes, props to the store for its customer service and especially its patience. As for me, I have a phobia of choice. To be honest, it’s because I don’t have money. The customer service was patient, gave me advice and helped me to choose the sex doll. After actually trying it out, it’s soft to the touch and flexible. Better than pure silicone, not worse than real people. The appearance is also very good, the best face in this type of sex doll. It meets beauty standards.

Is Safe ?

Yes, it’s a safe store where you can shop with confidence. The doll was received, the logistics are very fast, customer service is very patient, the sex doll is really good, and the makeup is very nice. Although it is made of TPE, the skin texture is similar to that of a real person, and several large breasts are stiff and soft. Joints will be a little difficult to move at first, but gradually become flexible. Overall, I am very satisfied.

Is Safe ?

Yes, this site is safe. The seller was exceptionally good and the final product was great. Well worth the purchase and worth every penny! The doll is great, the face is beautiful and real, a reliable product. Dress up and look more loving! The price is really worth it! Faithful companion, great quality, great price overall, I’m happy with it, no odor, very happy.

Is this sex doll vendor legit?

Yes, they are legit. I highly recommend buying from this seller! My doll arrived 1 day early and I was really surprised and very happy to receive it and most importantly, the doll was in great condition! I am so happy. Elegant, sexy, curvy, it was everything I wanted. I didn’t expect to receive such a beautiful product at such a low price, thank you seller for letting me know you!!! I look forward to my next perfect buying experience! review – Can you trust this vendor?

Yes, it’s a trusted vendor. I received this real sex doll after 20 days. When I made the purchase I was worried about the quality of the purchase, but when I received the doll I was not disappointed. She is a beautiful and elegant sex partner. The face of the doll is very beautiful. The hips are very firm and the skin is very soft. After a bath, she looks very much like a real person. Overall, I like everything about her. There is nothing to complain about.